Play level sequence in actor blueprint

Hi guys, here I am with another noob question.
I have an actor, a simple cube, and I have a working blueprint that checks if the player is looking at the cube, and in case it shows a label on the actor (something like “Press “E” to start”). So far, so good.
I have a level sequence also, and I want to play it, only when the label is active and the player press the key.

Since it’s not possible to reference a Level Sequence in an actor blueprint, any idea or hint on how to do that?
Thank you!

Why is not possible? I can play any level sequence I want from any BP actor:

Thanks @EvilCleric, my bad! I was trying to reference the Level sequence with RMB on the blueprint ( and it works in level blueprint but not in the actor blueprint.
Anyway, the “Create level sequence player” node is working fine :slight_smile: but, how can I execute it only when the visibility of a Text Render Component is “True” and I press a Key? Do I need a Gate node?

There are different ways to do it. Personally I would use an interface. However the simplest way is to enable player inputs in the BP and:

Top! :eek: It’s working! I already tried this solution using a branch with “is visible” node but I forgot to enable player input! Thank you :slight_smile: