Play Level in Shooter Game sample?

Okay so i made a level in the shooter game sample and its all set i have team spawns place and everything but when i go to game and go to the menu to start a Team Deathmatch with bots, my level isn’t listed, just the 2 default ones. How do i get mine added in?

you need to edit the code file ShooterMainMenu.cpp found in the \Source\ShooterGame\Private\UI\Menu folder

static const FString MapNames] = { TEXT("Spyral_Prime_SG"), TEXT("Dheneb_Capitalis_SG") };
static const FName PackageNames] = { TEXT("Spyral_Prime_SG.umap"), TEXT("Dheneb_Capitalis_SG.umap") };
static const int DefaultTDMMap = 1;
static const int DefaultFFAMap = 0; 

just add your map names and package names into those lines, btw you should see “Highrise” and “Sanctuary”

don’t forget your maps MUST be in the \Content\Maps folder for the game to see them

okay i add in my map name and package name just like the examples.

static const FString MapNames] = { TEXT(“Sanctuary”), TEXT(“Highrise”), TEXT(“Resurrect”) };
static const FName PackageNames] = { TEXT(“Sanctuary.umap”), TEXT(“Highrise.umap”), TEXT(“Resurrect.umap”) };
static const int DefaultTDMMap = 1;
static const int DefaultFFAMap = 0;

is there anything else i forgot to do? i tried playing but highrise and sanctuary are the only 2 maps i can select from. i checked the \Content\Maps and my map is there.

you did recompile the code ! and you do have a gametype set in you map properties

i don’t think i did anything else though atm i only use 2 maps