Play in New Editor Window - Screen Size Limit

In version 4.22 there is a problem to have higher viewport resolution in Play Mode (New Editor Window ) than the phisical current screen resolution.
For example even if I set in Play Preferences 3000x2000px window size it will be unfortunately automatically limited in play mode to the actual screen resolution ( for example 1920x1200 ).
How to fix it to have more that the screen resolution?

ok. I found the solution.
I have to notice that the problem appear in When you are going to capture frames from played Sequence.
Better solution is to Capture Movie as PNG - just one frame.
But first make just some at least 1sec long sequence.
Render Movie Settings:
Image Output Format: PNG /or any other single raster image format/
Frame Rate: 1s /just for sure to have maximum quality/
**Resolution: **/any you need to have/
Use Custom Start Frame [Checked]
**Start Frame: **0005 /or any that fit in the sequence /
Use Custom End Frame [Checked]
**Start Frame: **0006 /or any that fit in the sequence +1/
**Delay Before Warm Up: **1s
**Delay Before Shot Warm Up: **1s