Play in Editor loading really slowly.

Greetings all.
So I am needing some insight on speeding up the dev kit. Specifically the play in editor where I would be testing maps and mods. Do I have to compile all shaders every time I open the dev kit or is it a one time deal… Or perhaps every time there is an update? Is this the reason it’s loading slowly?What will speed up the load time when testing inside the editor(hitting play) it takes ******** forever. Like 30 mins to load the test map when you first open the kit. I ordered new upgrades for my rig which should be basically overkill according to a post about recommended hardware. I needed some of them anyways but i want to eliminate this possibly being the issue.
the cpu was most needed upgrade. I picked the Ryzen 9 3950x.
the memory should be fine I have 64gigs at 3200
graphics card is Asus gtx 2070 mini
I ordered a 1tb m2 slot ssd drive to put the dev kit on that.

will that system be sufficient for building a map efficiently?

my current rig works fine in UE4 and I can do almost everything in the Ark dev kit relatively quickly minus the speed of shaders and hitting play to test.

Let me know if there is something else I need to be doing… or just tell me I am an impatient person that needs to wait 40 minutes every time I want to check collisions on static meshes or just run around my map…

thanks for any suggestions, knowledge and help with regard to getting play test to load faster.