Play force feedback destroys physics constraints on IOS

Im not too sure how this is happening, but when I use the “play dynamic force feedback” node in UE4. It stutters the gameplay and breaks physics constraints and lags the game. The attached video has two segments, the first is with the haptics off, and the 2nd is with it on. As you can see, with it on the physics constraints cause issues for whatever reason. I have tested everything and isolated it down to this issue. In fact, if you click the jump button while haptics is turnt on, itll still affect the bridge, even if you are not standing on it. Will link video in replies as it is too big

Haptics issue - YouTube Link

Hello, do you have any solutions? I have the same problem

I ended up just turning off haptics. No fix really. Its either gameplay or cosmetics so I chose to axe cosmetics.