Play external video with MediaPlayer OpenFile() on Android

We write .mp4 files to a “Movies” in Android’s default storage location. We know the path of the video on this device is /storage/emulated/0/Movies/movie.mp4. Using mediaplayer’s openfile() and openurl() we cannot get the movie to play on Android (PC in editor with a mediasource works fine).

In general, this is what we see in logcat:
LogAndroidMedia: Warning: File doesn’t exist

Looking at the mediaplayer source, there are multiple points at which the provided directory is changed to “asset” and “local” paths. I’ve added and now removed numerous engine changes to force usage of the provided path, as it is generated in GameActivity.Java, and we access the string via AndroidJNI changes.

Also tried: Appending “file://” before all paths
Paths relative to UE4Game folder using …/ convention

I’ve even printed the changed & resolved paths, and copied the movie to every location that MediaPlayer may be reading from. Are there any examples of playing an external, non-asset video with OpenFile() or OpenURL() on Android?

I am also trying to solve this problem, but there is no progress. Currently, there is no official document that can be referenced by the authorities, which may not be supported by this method.

Use this!
Open URL Node on your Media Player

Loock this

LOCK THIS TUTORIAL UE4 \ Play Video on Mobile or Android - YouTube

Thank you so much ! <3
For me, this is the answer I searched for so long.
I was simply not using “file:///storage/emulated/0/MyFolder/MyVideo.mp4” but just “/storage/emulated/0/MyFolder/MyVideo.mp4” so the file didn’t play.