Play Dynamic Force Feedback does not work on 4.27

Vibration on mobile android does not work on 4.27,

Play Dynamic feedback force does nothing, Checked on 4.26 works perfectly and on 4.27 nothing happens, Same project

Any fixes?

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Report the bug as a regression.
Who knows, maybe next year it’ll get patched.

Were you able to find any solution / a workaround?
Am currently facing the same issue unfortunately

Found a solution. There was actually an issue created in the Issue Tracker covering this bug: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-126894)

A fix was implemented in 4.27Plus with this commit:

The easiest way of fixing this in 4.27 is to disable the (by default activated) OpenXR plugins. Just gave it a try and can confirm that force feedback is now working on Android :+1:

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Thank you very much, turning off OpenXR plugin worked!!!

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This works perfectly too!

Hi all,

Just found this thread as I am unfortunately having same problem … Force feedback does not seem to function on Android.

Tried the suggested workaround (disable OpenXR plug-ins), but when I do that, my project will not launch on my Android device (“Unknown error”). As soon as I re-enable OpenXR it launches again.

Does anyone have any suggestions?