Play cutscene after player hits play?

Hi all,

I’m wanting to add a story cutscene before the level loads, e.g when a player starts the game I’m wanting a cutscene that starts before it loads the level. The cutscene is meant to be a image with some text that tells a story to the player ect

Look into UMG, setting up a widget with an image and some text is pretty straightforward. If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

that guide looks to confusing and I have no idea what I’m doing :confused:

It’s not a guide. It’s a documentation quick start that covers the fundamentals. Essentially, it does not get easier than that. If you’re new to all this, do consider YT tutorials.

Do you just need an image and some text on top? More than 1 piece of text? How is it supposed to work.

do consider YT tutorials you say? well I have but not one shows me the type I’m trying to make :frowning: basically I want a video to start when the player his " Play " after they do a short intro video just tells the player a short story what happen then the first level starts.

Well huh basically it’s a image with text but made into a video clip of some sort unless you know any other ways?

.hello. create a user interface widget. inside the widget position your image and text. if you are having a level select screen , on level 1 button u can add an on clicked event that will first open the cut scene widget before opening the level.

could you share a video or a photo so that I can follow the guide and I will let you know if I get any luck or errors.

okay no problem. i will create the system now and send u the screenshots when i am done.

hello. try this out ? (follow the screenshots).
Don’t forget to create an empty level, for displaying the level select and cut scene widget… (Follow the Screenshots). hope this helps ?

these are the remaining screenshots.alt text

thank you, got it working but some reason my main menu music is playing during the cutscene :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway to fix that?

hello. sorry for late reply. hope this helps ?(check screenshots)

is that for the main menu or the level blueprint?

Main menu.

Well the way the photos have been shown, they are not telling me anything… could you not do a video just then I know what I’m doing just the last thing I want is to have my work lost.

okay i will try and make a video today and post it at you tube. i will send u the link when i am done.

hello. sorry for late reply. this is the link to the video : playing sound in menu - YouTube

hope this helps ? If u have Any question feel free to ask.

it’s just showing an error

hello. try this other link : playing sound in menu - YouTube