Play back of vids stuttering

Hi all,

After capturing a clip, I notice on play back that my clip stutters. Is there any advice as to how to create a smooth clip. I have attached my settings. I have tried 24FPS and 30FPS. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Capture as an Image sequence instead of video. Id also turn off compression, it will be compressed when you use the jpgs to make a movie.

hi Orkney, thanks for your reply. Is this the only solution? I imagine this would be a massive time consuming process? I’ve seen other clips where they run smoothly, would the creators of these clips use your method? Thanks again

Capturing in 60fps can also solve the problem, but your file will get quite big.
Orkney’s option is probably better, and won’t take that much time really. Just export as image sequence, import it in After effects (or some other similar software) and render it out to a video

Yeah they probably do, if your on a budget you can use Windows Movie Maker to stitch the clips together which is free. Capturing as an Image Sequence is usually better as it means if you want to change a small section of the animation you need only re-render the frames you need, also it means you can change your mind about compression etc at a later date, there are other reasons I just cant think of any right now. Image sequence is the industry standard method.

Thanks guys, I have Adobe premiere, AE and sony vegas. Which do you recommend?

It depends what your going to do with the footage, if your just going to upload it to Youtube Id probably just use Premiere, but even Premiere is overkill for that. After Effects is for putting fancy effects over like explosions and tracking video so you can put 3D elements into shot, but your using a game engine anyway so this is kind of null point. I havent used Vegas so I cant comment on that one, but I think its pretty similar to Premiere.