Play Animation when stick goes abrupt back

I am trying to achieve that my character should play an animation in its locomotion/movement state when the joy stick goes from pushed all the way up to not pushed in a very short time.
It’s kind of hard to explain… I want my character to run in their movement blendspace, but I want a “stop running” animation when the joystick abruptly goes back to its original position.
How could I achieve that? :confused:

Any help?? D:

The way I’d attempt to do this is probably to keep track of the value in two time periods, one in real time and one slightly delayed. So if you gradually move the stick, those values will be closer together, but if you push it all the way and let it go, the values will be a big difference. So with a tolerance and speed that works for you, you can set it up to check those values against each other and then branch out behavior.

That’s what I’d try and see how it works. But to be honest I don’t know if there’s any better way to do it. I’m assuming you’re talking about using Blueprints. So with that, unless there’s a “get stick speed” node, you kinda have to slap something together.