Play animation through level sequence on Character using ABP

Is there any way of having a level sequence tell a character in the map that normally uses an animation blueprint to use an animation asset instead?

When I add an animation track for the character it just ignores it. I’ve also tried adding a track for the “Animation Mode” property of my character and changing it to “Use Animation Asset” before the animation is set to play, which resulted in my character entering a T-pose instead of doing anything useful.

I’ve thought about using an event track to do this instead but that seems like an absurd workaround, surely there’s a way of doing this built into sequencer, unless I’ve found a bug.

We’ve added this behavior to 4.15 (which should be coming out with a preview release soon). Sequencer will switch to “Use Animation Asset” under the hood when it needs to evaluate an animation track. It also restores it back to the original animation mode when it’s done with it.

I’m not sure there’s a workaround for this in 4.14 though. There isn’t an event when the animation track starts playing. Hopefully you can grab the 4.15 preview release when it comes out.

The preview is actually already out, can confirm that it does work as expected. Thanks!