Play animation through blueprint

Hello guys,

What I have is very simple. I have imported a very simple animation. Now I have a box trigger at player start, so when the player starts the game, the animation should be played.

The scenario I have is that I imported a character that I animated in Blender, but had to animate the cloth parts individually, since they are static meshes made in another software. So the character plays it’s animation, and each individual cloth part plays it’s individual animation. This is all well and fine; I import the character to Unreal along with the seperate clothes and set the animations and it works. But, when the player triggers another event, I want the character to play another animation in the Level Blueprint, if possible.

Im not sure how to get by with that at this point.

You should be able to call ‘Stop Animation’ for the 1st animation when the 2nd trigger box is triggered, and vice versa. Is this the answer you were looking for?

Im not sure, I will try it out tomorrow after work. Until then, it would be cool if more people can suggest different ideas of how to go by with this.

Consider using the level blueprint to just update some state or call an event on the character and keep the playing of animations within the Character or Animation blueprint.

That way you have any number of means to change animation - event graph, anim graph, etc. Plus it’s easier to reason about.