"Play Animation Sequence" in AnimBP with different Skeleton?

Hi everyone!

I’m working on an “generic” Animation Blueprint which I wanna use with different skeletons.
I created the state AnimBP and machines based on the Mannequin skeleton.

The AnimBP gets all it’s animations from references in the main Character BP.
So what I did was dragging an animation into the graph, exposed the Sequence as Pin and connected the Animation Sequence reference I received from the main BP.

This works great so far.
I can switch out animations in the Character BP and they are automatically used by the AnimBP.

Here’s the problem:
Now, when I retarget everything to a new skeleton I get the following errors in my AnimBP:
“Play Animation Sequence” references sequences that uses a different skeleton."

I get this error altough I retargeted all the animations to the new skeleton.
So the Animation Sequence reference comes from the new skeleton, but the “plain” Play Animation Sequence node (where I exposed exposed pin) somehow has the old skeleton referenced.

If I drag a “new”, retargeted animation into the graph, expose the Sequence as Pin and assign my new Animation Sequence reference, it works fine.

Is there an skeleton agnostic version of the “Play Animation Sequence” node, or is this always linked to the skeleton of it’s original animation?

Hope I was able to explain my problem.

Thanks for your help!

In blueprint, its always linked.
In cpp it may work different when you hook it all up.

Regardless, it doesn’t seem like the way you are going about it is the right one?

Usually you right click and retarget an animation blueprint.
This would create and replace all references with animations that are compatible to whatever the new retargeted skeleton.

If you are doing this to get different IK systems working right, that’s the way.

I’d you don’t have IK, then possibly runtime retargeting is what you need. Personally I would advise against it. But it is an option…

Does it work if you retarget the skeleton, instead of just the animations/blueprint?

Thanks for your input!
My main goal is to have a Character Controller base that I can put in a library and use it for different projects (where they gameplay is pretty much the same).

On those different projects I’d have different animations, characters, skeletons etc.
I could also use the same AnimBP for AI (with various different animations)
That’s why I wanted to create the AnimBP without any animations in it and only use references so I can use it for various projects without changing anything.

I just read that the best approach probably would be to keep “generic” animations in the AnimBP and use AnimBP Child Blueprints to override animations.
This way I can use the same AnimBP for different purposes.