Play Animation Sequence and Then Back to Using Anim BP?

I’m wanting my character to play an animation using the “Play Animation” node whilst targeting the skeletal mesh component. The issue I can’t figure out is when the animation finishes, the anim BP is no longer active. How do I make it to where the anim BP takes back over when the triggered animation sequence is done?

Read up on montages. Think of Play Animation better suited for one off animations like a door opening, gears turning, etc.

Characters blend from one animation to another and this is not something Play Animation will do. The anim graph for locomotion does this and to interrupt that is where montages come into play. A montage can consist of one animation and they are as simple as right-clicking the animation asset then make a new montage. Again, please read up on them and check out tutorials to understand how to work with them.

I got it working, used Play Anim Montage node instead. Thanks for letting me know that the other one is used for something else.

FWIW, maybe you have a creature or something behind bars and it plays the same looping animation, Play Animation works for that. It’s the fact that we change the animation that something more robust is needed.