Play animation on mouse click - Problem: Accessed None

Hello all! What i’d like to achieve is for my character to throw a punch when the left mouse button is clicked. To do this, I’ve been trying to do a simple BP to BP communication where I have a reference to my animation BP from my character’s BP. From there, I simply set a bool to true which will trigger a transition in my animation state machine, therefore throwing the punch. The problem is that I get an ‘Accessed None’ error because there is no default value for the blueprint reference. How can I set a default value when there is nothing to set? Someone please help.

I looked at the documentation here

Where it says ‘Specifying the Blueprint Instance’ is where I start running into trouble. I created the variable and made it public by clicking the eyes. The problem now is that I can’t find what I need to select for the default value so this thing will work. I need to select the FighterNoWeaponAnim blueprint somewhere but it’s not showing up! Grrrr!

Well here’s what i’m trying to access in that variable. It’s the FighterNoWeaponBlueprint (Animation Blueprint). I want this to be the default value so that I can get rid of this accessing none problem, but it doesn’t work for some reason. It won’t select the blueprint!

Someone please help!!! This is very frustrating.

Have you select your anim blueprint in your default tab ?
If you have different anim blueprint, i don’t know if you can change the anim blueprint in game but i assume that you can’t because in all the previous threads i ve read about that, skilled in animation forum members used a variable in both character bp and anim bp (“wield weapon” / “is wielding”, like “run” / “is running”) to link idle no weapon to idle weapon.

I just updated to 4.5.1 (was using 4.4.3). Give me some time to recreate and I will see if I have the same problem. As always I will post the solution once I get one. Thanks for the reply!

Well after a couple days I found a solution. It is located on this tutorial A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums

I used an animation montage and it works well. I hope this helps other people.