"Play Animation" node clears bound events?

I’ve 2 notifies in a certain animation.
In the AnimBP I call an event dispatcher whenever the notify fires.
( event call works perfectly; it gets called every single time.)

The character BP has the bind event set up in Begin Play. The bind is working perfect. That is, until I do a Play Animation in the character BP. Once I do Play Animation and return the animation mode back to the Anim BP, the bind no longer works, even if I try to rebind it after stopping the animation setting the animation mode back to AnimBP.

Is expected behavior?

I find it strange that I’d lose the binds just by using Play Animation.

I worked around it moving all animations out of the Player Character’s BP and into the Player Character’s AnimBP.

There isn’t much documentation on Play Animation. The basic use of it is self-explanatory, but the name alone doesn’t imply or lead one to infer all events will be lost. If it’s not a bug, and is intended functionality, it’d be nice if the Play Animation documentation were updated.

Only use Play Animation if an actor 1) has only one animation or 2) doesn’t use bind events.