play animation forward and backwards


i’m new to unreal and have made some tutorials. Now i tried to make a simple animation but it doesn’t work. Perhaps there is somebody who can help me.

I have built a detailed sphere and animated it in Maya. The sphere is a treasure box that opens like a flower.
I imported the animated sphere into unreal and built a triggerbox. Entering the triggerbox the sphere opens. No Problem. But if I leave the triggerbox the sphere should close by playing the animation backwards. But the sphere opens again if i leave the triggerbox. I tried with reverse and with playrate -1. Doesn’t work. Is it perhaps impossible to play a skeletal Mesh Component animation backwards?

Is there a solution. If so it would be nice if you could sent me a screenshot of the blueprint.

Or is it possible to make an animation opening (frame 1 to 50) and closing (frame 50 to 100) the sphere in one animation and then tell unreal in blueprint: entering Triggerbox -> play animation from frame 1 to 50, leaving triggerbox -> play animation from frame 50 to 100?


Just try with playrate -1 when you enter the trigger box. If it playback in reverse, that means your triggerbox logic is at fault.