Play animation depending on decisions

Hi, I’m building a kind of videogame and I don’t know how to apply the effect I need.

I would like to start with an animation (A1) and, when it ends, choose between two options and play one (A2) or anothe r(A3) animation when the first one has finished. Is there any way to do this?

Thank you

You can do that with montages -> use a “montage play” node to play the montage + a “montage is active” node to check if it’s finished -> after that just use bool vars and branches :slight_smile:
Here you learn everything about animations: 3rd Person Game with Blueprints (pre. v4.8) - YouTube

Ty! :slight_smile:

I also found a way using Animation Notifications and Animation Blueprint, I’m going to research what’s better for my case.

Another approach is you can add different kinds of switches in the event graph. On one side tie it into a random number generator and tie that into a do once and on the other side you can change any state you wish or select from a list of montages or animations.

Should also make trigger easier as you would only need a variable to reset the do once.

P.S. Behavior trees might be worth looking into as they are designed to make AI types of decisions.