Play Animation/Animation Montage on Weapons with different Skeletal Meshes

Hello, I’m trying to play an Anim Montage weapons with different skeletal meshes.

My FPCharacter has all this Child Actors, each one is a different weapon with a different Skeletal Mesh:

I’m trying to play said animation montage through a Function, but it is not letting me select the Skeletal Mesh as the Target:

I tried to use the Play Animation, but it doesn’t have a Play Rate input, which I need to manipulate, what can I do in this situation?

Thanks in advance.

Did you read the text right next to the “DO NOT” red glowing sticker?
It’s asking for a Character object…

I know, I wanted to know if there was a way to make it work that way, if not, I wanted to know what would be an alternative to play animations when you have different skeletal meshes for different weapons.

Animations dont play “on meshes”. They play on animation blueprints - usually.

In other words, you still need a blueprint which references both.
Once you got that, you just ask the bluerpint for the reference of the mesh, from the mesh you get the reference of the abp, and from there you set the variable to enter an animation state (or play a montage).

I see, I wanted to avoid doing it with Animation Blueprint since using state machines just for animating a firing animation seem like too much trouble for something like this and if I’m understanding you correctly, montages won’t work unless the mesh is parented to a Character Class Right?

You can try a Different node by dragging and typing from the child actor…

Use [Play Montage] Node