Play amimation

Hi!I have project with object(skeletal mesh attached to the arm character)They are animations (imported from maya).Object comes off from the hand flies up and flies in the other hand!(Juggler).Animation playing is wrong-as if lying on the floor.I tried chang root and object with animation>but nothing/Thanks!

I use Blender. The object needs to be attached to C++ or Blueprint.

Did you do the correct retargeting?

Hey grigorievich,

You’ll probably want to add a prop bone to your rig and animate something like that in maya. Don’t skin anything to the bone, but instead use it as a socket to attach your actor to in the world. This will give you more control over the way the cup animates.

If you’d like to be able to use multiple different objects with that bone, you can add a socket for each object type to the bone and fine tune the placement relative to the hand.