Play All Animation On Event Construct

I have four menu elements all animated to fly in when the game begins. Unfortunately, only one element is animating when the game starts. I’d followed the official UMG tutorial provided in the docs and have arranged my blueprint accordingly but no luck. Can someone explain to me how to make all the animated elements play when the game starts. Below, I’ve included screen-shots of my current blueprints.



I don’t know, what the custom events should do, but you could make it a whole chain. That means you plug the end output of “Set timer” to the input plug from the next play animation. Do this for all of the nodes, so you get a single chain. Maybe that will work.


Hi, thanks for the prompt reply. At first I was thinking each animation node must be triggered independently, thus an individual custom event must be hooked to each play node. But, after reading your reply I ended up making the “Play Animation” nodes a single chain connecting to just one Event Construct and patched that to just one “Set Time” and that solved the problem. Thanks for pointing that out.

No problem :). Glad to hear it works.

Have fun with your project.