Play a destructible mesh backwards?

So if you create a DM and open it up, you can ‘fracture’ it and then preview the explosion with a slider! I think this is really awesome, because you can easily slide it backwards and see the pieces come back together. However they are accomplishing this, it seems to me we should be able to do as well, in-game. So does anyone have any ideas how this is accomplished and how we can use that information to do it in-game? Thank you so much for your ideas!

Those are great starts, thank you. I have seen them before, and they don’t quite accomplish what I’m looking to do, but they are helpful in that it helps prove the concept. While that method works with cubes, (or any actors I’m sure), I’m looking to rewind the individual pieces of a destructible mesh, like they do in the preview mode I mentioned. Those are great examples though.