Play 3D Widget Animation from an Actor Blueprint

As the title suggests, I’ve created a Widget Blueprint and an animation of that Widget, added the Widget to an Actor BP and put that into the scene. Now I want to trigger the 3D Widget animation from the Actor BP but I can’t. I attached some screenshots below, if anyone knows what I’m doing wrong please tell me. Thank you!

You say 3d widget but here we see you create a 2d widget. Could you clarify? The above is not working because the widget is never added to the screen. And we do not know if you allowed this actor to process input R.

If you’re using a Widget Component there’s no need to create an additional widget and / or add it to the screen, the component does that for you.

Do note that regular actors do not process input by default, so pressing 1 will do nothing here; that’s unless we:

Fine if you’re just playing around, not so great if it’s supposed to be meaningful. But it depends on what you’re doing and planning later on. Perhaps this actor acts as a main menu; input processing could be fine then.

What’s more:

  • if you’re using the widget component in World Space (check my first pic), it actually renders on a quad and will not be visible brom behind (not by default)

So it may be that the actor and its widget are facing the wrong way, away from the camera.

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Thanks for replying! I’ve only started using Unreal recently so might have got the name wrong, sorry. Turns out the animation was actually playing but it finished before I got to its location so I didn’t realise that it was :smiley:

So after a while I found a way to trigger the animation when pressing R: In the Actor BP, in the Detail of the Widget Component, set Tick mode to Disable. Then in the editor, Press R (or whatever trigger) to Set Tick mode of that widget to Enable, so that the animation will start playing at that point.