Platformer or isometric?

Hello,I’m a cold turkey diver.Jokes aside I am a new user of UE4 with no experience in other engines and a little bit of understanding when it comes to programming language logic.I want to get going with a project cus thats the best way to learn something but I dont know which would be better to introduce me to all the notions like blueprints and actors(which are classes if i am right?):as I understand platformers or diablo-style games should be the way to go for a beginner.Also should i worry about meshes and textures and stuff,or just go bareback functionality fun?Just throw your first experiences or best ideas about learning at me.

I would say platformer definitely. Make sure you start with the third person template from epic.

Open the character blueprint and look at how movement is coded and go from there. I would also recommend taking general purpose tutorials or classes to get yourself familiar with the UE4 editor and the different systems.

Hope this helps!

Platformer i guess :slight_smile: , Download more information about them…

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