Platformer game: connecting sounds with character


I spent a bit of time trying to find how the character foley sound cues were connected to the actual robot character in Blueprint. I clicked on the robot character and searched its properties, I navigated through the assets in the content browser, and I checked the sound cues, but I never found a mesh object with a sound asset associated with it.

Would you happen to know of a solution to this challenge?


There’s a couple easy ways to solution that…

  • You can add an Audio Component on your character and use a Play Sound Attached node in a blueprint to throw a sound cue into that component whenever you want.

  • Another simple way without using an Audio Component is to use a Play Sound At Location node, then throw a cue at a given location (such as the players location).

  • For foley cues tied to animations though, such as footstep sounds, open up the walking animation and find its Notify track. Right click → Add Notify → PlaySound. This tosses a marker down which you can slide to the correct point in the animation. In the details panel, you can set the sound, mess with the volume/pitch and set a flag to follow the player around. From your question, this is probably the best method for what you’re trying to do.

Thanks, especially for option 3.

That’s what I wanted: to see where exactly the sound cues were attached to the character animations in Blueprint.

One thing I noticed was that for a particular animation I found multiple sounds added to the same notify track, and they (visually) overlapped. Is there an advantage towards doing that rather than having each sound on its own notify track?