Platform specific material

is possible to create platform specific material?
I want to change some nodes in Material depends on platform (iOS and Android). For example: for Android use “RadialGradientExponential” and for iOS instead use “DepthFade”. Is it possible?

Thank you.

Hello ,

This would be possible by having your game, either within the construction script or C++ code, to detect the device your game is running on and have a Bool variable or Bool check.

For example, If game or application is running on iOS then use ‘DepthFade’ for material X, and if running on Andriod use ‘RadialGradientExponential’ for material X.

Your material would need to have a parameter so it can change the properties at runtime, but this should be possible.


Hey Andrew, I did try to do exactly that, but its not going to work.

Instead, its always using the material thats ment to be used only on PC.
My construction script looks like this:

Like I said, its always chosing the new material, instead of new material mobile.

Hey -

You should be able to set up a Material using the Utility Expression: Feature Switch in the Material setup itself. Here is the Documentation regarding the Material node,

Utility Material Expressions in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.3 Documentation

All you would need to do it match the Rendering type to the device you want to use.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum