Platform Specific Leaderboard fails

When the user presses this ‘settings’ button, rather than showing the highscores leaderboard, it flashes white background with the leaderboard crown icon and says “loading…” and disappears, back to the main menu (where settings button is at) Now I know that the user is logged in, and that the leaderboard is properly set up and contains scores (since I can view the leaderboard it through google’s “play games” app) and it get’s updated when I get new highscore etc etc. so that’s not the problem. Any idea what it could be?

Still happening, after implementing achievements, it also happens when I try to display achievements, basically tries to load it but then something happens and it closes… I can’t find the solution anywhere, so any help is greatly appreciated.

A temporary solution is to enable auto Log In, in the settings of google play game services app. This won’t solve it for all users, so if anyone finds a better way to fix the issue, please let me know!