[Platform lift] work but not work

hi to all, today I’m in search of a solution for a little issue/bug/blueprint problem (i don’t know)?

here my Blueprint:

And here the related construction script

This blueprint works great on a 2d project, but I don’t know because on a 3d project dont work or don’t work properly, I can start manually the timeline loop in a 3d project but the collision component when character are above platform generate everytime overlap event when the lift go up instead when the lift go donw work “well” (even if I started the event manually).
Someone can help to figure out what the problem is?

  1. please better description of problem, i read it 4 times and i still dont know where is problem, or make video
  2. This lift if moving up and down in loop, without player input?

yes this lift move up and down without direct input, but it work only in a paper2d without extra input for start the loop, in a 3d project for start the loop I need to join last event in green comment with the timeline Play execute pin.

I would like to know if I have a problem of setup or is only an issue of the engine, because this is very very strange.

in any case the log don’t report any warning or error.