Platform Fighter Starter Kit

V2 of the Platform Fighter Starter Kit is now out!!! new video will be out soon.
50% off until the end of April!…er-starter-kit

Make your own smash brothers style game with the Platform fighter Starter kit.

This Kit will have everything you will need to start your own platform fighter with 4 players locally and on line all done with blueprints

Kit will include:

  • full game play loop with bot timed and stock matches
  • menu navigation from title screen to character and map selectction
  • basic online lobby system
  • easy to use ability system to create new moves
  • easy to create new characters
  • example maps and character
  • many existing abilities to work from

More info on pack will be released over time

Attach abilities in your character with ease, just place it into the slot in and when inputs corresponding to that slot the ability will activate.

looks very cool, this kind stuff i have searched long. But main question, will it contain basic ai? i mean ai enemy to fight against? I am making maybe single player fighter not online. It would be great if asset would contain AI and developer could add own fight mechanics to every ai, like duplicate ai, different moves, different character

Right now there is no AI but I would like to add AI to it at some point. As I will be updating the kit with new content after release.

Nice can’t wait this and updates

Some Small updates
New level mesh and HUD as well as a match timer

Spending some time cleaning up a lot of the blueprints to make it as easy as possible to use.

will this contain basic attacks or will it contain some combo attacks also

A few questions -

  1. How much will this cost?
  2. Any plans for Weapons / Pickups?
  3. Is there a discord we can join to get support for this kit when it comes out?
  1. Don’t have a set price yet

  2. initial release will more than likely not have items but is planned to be added.

  3. I have started a discord channel but it isn’t set up correctly yet

I will be updating this kit over time with many more already planned features and if i get enough request for a feature I will look at adding those as well
I will also make tutorials on many aspects of the kit, from getting started to making your own characters and levels

One last question from me for now -

How easy will this be to use a different pawn such as a 3rd person pawn?

This kit heavily relies upon the supplied character pawn and would not work with any other character pawn
The supplied character pawn is the parent class to any characters that are made

so can i use marketplace characters? or need to make own myself?

you can use any skeletal mesh that you would like. So if there is marketplace character you like you can use the mesh as a character.
if you want to use the blueprints form the pawn then this kit will not work with it.

To make a new character with this pack is very easy. It will be a tutorial I make but to simplify how one is made

  • make a new blueprint and use the fighter character as a parent class
  • change the mesh and animation blueprint to your new character
  • replace all the abilities for the test character with the ones for your character

Here is an old test screenshot with the infinity-blade characters

WIP shot of the character select screen, all set to work with controllers

is there a video?

No videos right now, but I hope to get some up soon

Hope this is available soon

I now have most of the base release for this ready. In the process of bug fixing and cleaning up

Will be submitting this pack soon so keep an eye out for it.

In other news a platform fighter that I was the original creator / director, before I left the team will be out soon. Here is the new trailer

Now Available​​​​​​​