Hey guys, I’ve been working like crazy over the last couple weeks on this game. I came up with the idea for it when I was bored sitting in the shade of a tree and thinking back to my childhood.
The idea is that a plastic army guy falls out of the toy box into the real world. in the beginning a toy box falls to the side of the road spilling everywhere. The chaos is meant to look all COD/Michael bay crazy. I’ve only begun working on the first level, but I feel like as soon as most of the game assets have been refined, and the mechanics have been set in place, the rest of the levels will be a lot easier.
There are a couple of things I want to do with it. I want it to be a parody of the stereotypical COD shooters. I want to capture that childhood experience in a re imagined visual sense. I want to have some survival maps, and a few levels of a single player.

EDIT: completed environment for first level, fixed foliage, realtime lighting, various improvements. Now on to level two! (as well as working on gameplay mechanics)


Looking good! I like the idea. I like the grass mesh.

How will the NPCs / player look? Will the boss fight involve an evil cat? :smiley:

Reminds me of the little army men games :slight_smile:

Are you talking about the n64 game? I never played it and actually found out about it halfway through the development. I was a little disappointed that my idea wasn’t 100% original, but oh well.

NPC’s in the singleplayer are going to be other army guys (tan ones) lots of cool bosses as far as vehicles go. But for the survival maps I’m going to have a lot more varied opponents. I’m planning on an ant hill one, and a cat wouldn’t be a bad idea!

Yep, though it was on PS1 as well.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the concept not being 100% original - there hasn’t been a good game like that in many years, and you could probably hook in many players with fond memories of those games. Not to mention that the PBR lighting gives it a whole new dimension (i.e., plastic actually looks like plastic, etc.).

Reminds me of Army Men to Playstaion 1, love those games :slight_smile:

Was a real huge fan of Army Man, and love when a game puts players into the shoes of something/someone tiny (in comparison to the rest of the world).

Looking forward to seeing some more screenshots…or videos :smiley:

This is a really fun idea, I love toy towns

Cute idea.

If you haven’t seen it, I think you could definitely use Ant Man for some inspiration.
Obviously the theme is similar and it has some cool ideas. It also doesn’t take itself too seriously (which seems to be what you’re going for?) with the ‘COD/Michael bay crazy’ stuff happening, and then zooming out to show it’s just a toy train falling off a track.
If you nail that sort of theme/humour I think it could be a really nice setting for a game.

Is it an FPS/TPS or what?

Thanks guys! It really makes me happy to hear that people like the idea.

I’m planning on it being a third person shooter. And humor is certainly going to be a big aspect of the game. I haven’t seen ant man, but I definitely will have a look.

I plan on making a trailer video for the game, but I’m going to wait until I’m satisfied with the graphics. I also need to figure out how to rig and animate my character.

Could someone link me to a good tutorial on rigging and animating a character from 3ds max to ue4? I’ve searched and couldn’t find anything useful. And I honestly have no idea what I’m doing with it, I know I need to set up the bones and modify the section parameters to define the limbs, but I’m just hopelessly lost past that point

I think that gag will work great in a trailer Dr. Whoop, but its sort of a one-time thing so make it count :smiley: I really do love the size and style of what I am seeing here.

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You could create an account at Mixamo and Just Auto Rig it there.

You get 10 free Auto rigs If I recall correctly :slight_smile:

Dude! that is a cool site. I’m going to give it a try after class. Thanks a million!


Hey No problem :slight_smile:

Hehe great project! Looking forward to see what you’ll make of this :slight_smile:

Awesome! funny idea. :D:D

Can someone tell me why the terrain looks like that after I added more channels in my terrain material?

Apparently it was some naming convention thing