I just wanted to get the general positive criticism on my plants i have so far (which will eventually cover that island in the background)


Looks good :slight_smile: -> I would recommend you to add a skylight and to rebuild the light so that those very darks spots gets lit up

still very new to ue4 level creation (normally a prop and weapon artist, occasionally player models) i really want to go for a more dark gritty look (its a war game) but yea the heavy black lighting does make it much harder to see. i just found skylight after you recommended it so ill play with it a bit today and over weekend and probably post some more progression. you wouldnt have a recommendation on water would you? right now im just using a plane as a reference, and i looked at the example water in the effects demo and it went way over my head.

Also, getting an error that my big leaf plant is at 97% overlap on uv? idea?

You always have to do it with a plane + a water material

It’s pretty easy to create a **basic **water material


  1. here you can choose the overall colour of your water
  2. here you just move some normal maps around to create the “wave effect”
  3. here you can make the water more reflective

You have to create a 2nd uv channel with a proper lightmap for your mesh ->

I’d be suspicious of those plants if i was a sheep. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Model and texture wise they look good, but material still needs work.

You guys are awesome thank you, sadly im at work now so ill have to play with it later tonight, but sometime before bed ill post an update.

Great start. Can’t wait to see how you better it later.