Plans for legacy Crash Report Server?

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we are currently planning to ship out the UE4 Crash Report Client in our game. But currently it seems that there does not exist any officially recommended server solution. The [FONT=courier new]Engine/Source/Programs/CrashReporter server was official removed since branch 4.18. Now we plan to implement an own server-side part of the UE4 Crash Report System, using the legacy Crash Report Receiver and the current [FONT=courier new]Engine/Source/Programs/CrashReportClient as specification for the protocol, to find out how the crash data will be transferred.

But before beginning the implementation we are interrested in, what are the plan of the Unreal Engine Developers for the server-side solution of the UE4 Crash Report System in the future? Is there an official server solution planned? Do you give out an official specification for the server-client protocol? Will the current CrashReportClient stomped and replaced by another solution?

I heared that Epics Games will be cooperating with in the future. Don’t know if they are also tracking crashes?

Thanks for an answer.

I’am also interessted in non-official answers from any UE4 staff
Greetz Dirk :slight_smile:

I would also like to now about this, even if won’t be needed before next year for us