Planets with terrain

How do you make space games with planets that has terrain (mountains, cities, oceans, etc) and yet be massively big. Also to be able to go in space and see the planet being a spherical of course.
Talking about open world so you can travel to another planets.


this is a big topic :smiley:

You have to learn Level Streaming, World Composition and Custom Gravity.

You can find these in the unreal documentation.

There are a few other questions about gravity in this answer hub.
You can find them easily by searching “unreal change gravity”

Sorry that my answer quite scantily :smiley:


Thank you. You can’t even imagine how much this pushed my knowledge, considering I am just a total beginner :slight_smile:
Can I ask you just one more question, how big the ships must be, I mean for example eve ships are ultra small :slight_smile:
untitled.png : eve ship in unreal engine


yes thats a very good question.

A realistic space game scenario wouldnt working. That would mean an enormous space that the engine couldnt handle.

But there is an easy solution that you can already find in games like eve. Make everthing ultra small (like you’ve said :D)

For example: I have found a configuration file in the game “homeworld”. Maybe you know it. In this file you could see the speed of the ships. For example 300.
Obviously that means 300cm/s. Thats not fast, but if you make everything smaller, it feels realistic.

I dont know if you can use this for planets cause of the gravity. I think you would get an unrealistic result, but its fine for space.

Hope that helps a little bit