Planets, like Landscapes but as a Sphere

We’ve lately seen Unreal Engine 4.26 with a wonderful planet and a nice SkyAtmosphere. But we’re missing the opinion to do a planet by ourself. So much requests surfing around the www. but none of them could be answered. Now I’m running in the same problem… and I mean look at Voxel Plugin, it’s totaly doable. The Engine is missing a lot of potential without beautiful “Drag & Drop”-planets.

Keep the work guys. You’re close to THE PERFECT ENGINE. You covered nearly everything that’s needed for every game that could be made.

Greets, Jan


Epic have zero interest in planets or planetary terrain / spherical terrain sadly!
Hourences tech demo was a fake planet and doesn’t extend or scale that way.
If you want to see Planets in UE at some point, support some of the devs here:wink:

ouh, i forgot about this post. Yeah, after some research it was just a visual trickery. Now I use the voxel plugin to form a planet, it’s not the very best way, but it saves a lot of time and it offers pretty much.
It’s sad, due more and more people are focused on sci-fi-games which require (or atleast its cool) planets that are fully walkable without any trickery. I bet there arent any news for now?