Planets Lander

Hi guys,
here is my latest android game done in my spare time, it’s just an hobby for me, not a job.
It was my first attempt to create a game with unreal engine. As my first game I wanted to create a “lunar lander” clone, one of my favourite game when I was child.
I started working on it on unreal engine 3 with UDK, but later I switched on UE4 with blueprint system. It took me a lot of time to develop the game, partially because of some faults at planning stage of the development concept, that caused me to restart almost from scratch at some point, and partially because I had to wait some further releases for some bugs to be fixed. Thinking about it, it took me so long that meanwhile I released two other small games. :slight_smile:
Well, nevermind. Now it’s done, in the near future I would like to implement some sound and particle effectes to better simulate windy and stormy stages.
It’s quite heavy to run, so I’ve also added a fps counter as benchmark for mobile. In my LG G3, stages run between 25 to 40/45 fps, with an average of 30 fps, so it’s fully playable, but with Sony m4 (my other mobile) it’s run slower ( 10/15 to 25 fps. )

Here some Images:

Here the link to the game:

If you want, try it and let me know what you think!