Planet World With landscaping Tool

-Stating that im not that advanced in landscapes but
how would i go around doing a planet but use the landscape editor with it like a terrain?
or form the landscape into a perfect sphere for me to edit?

Thats not possible with the landscape tool in UE4 -> but you could do it with custom meshes created in a 3d tool like blender :slight_smile:

Can it work with a camera spring arm on the player with spherical worlds to stop them from falling off the edge?

Using Landscape tools on a sphere landscape would be much easier but wasn’t sure if was possible and i needed to know this for a planet. but thanks for Replying guys

Theoretically, could this be achieved by sculpting landscape sections to appear rounded? Add a few sections together to create a “sphere”? Just a thought. If you decide to try this out, using the Landscape visibility node (paint holes in the landscape) may help to mask out ‘bad’ sections.