Planet like World

Hello everyone , first time posting here because I need someone to guide me step by step to how I can create a realistic world 110% the size of our planet .

the size will not be a problem because I know there are already many games with worlds way larger than our planet and some incoming have the size of an infinite universe in realistic scale

What i want to do is a complete planet with skies where players are able to fly , with oceans , better if it’s 100% ocean then i will add the continents after if it’s possible , the only limit must be the Ozone layer .

Players should be able to explore zones under the ground or travel across the skies , over and inside the seas to reach the other sides of the planet

if someone can help me thanks for the guides in Advantage .

I wont say this is impossible to do in UE4, but there is nothing built in that will allow you to do this, it will require fairly extensive knowledge of the engine and C++ to be able to build the necessary systems. I would suggest you start much simpler and get used to using the engine and coding new features.

Saying that, I am working on the above feature, but as its one of my side projects, it won’t be ready for a very long time, and I can tell you already, just the planning alone has shown its going to be a considerable amount of work.

That’s extremely complex, and as a beginner you shouldn’t even try to attempt something like that

Indeed that is way above a beginner level. We aren’t trying to discourage you, but rather help you avoid mistakes. Start with something simplier. Like creating a basic terrain and painting it properly.

I am trying to discourage you–try something that you can reasonably accomplish. With more experience you will also have a better idea of the difficulty of a project

Would you go to a hardware store, learn to put up a mailbox for the first time, then decide you’re going to build a skyscraper in the middle of New York?

Listen to what others are saying, start small, learn how to make games, then slowly transition into something a bit more complex. Complete that, then move onto something more complex, and so on. If not, you’re setting yourself up for failure and will get discouraged.