Planes which recreate the landscape

i hope im in the right forum for this question. I’m trying to build a fighting system for my game. The idea is as follows: Its a bit like Chess, with a a 8x12 field on the ground. Each square of field is clickable to move your character around. Now my question: Im planning to do this in my normal landscape, that means that the field will never be completly flat. The perfect solution for me would be, that every square deformes to the shape of the landscape in its specific spot. Do you guys have an idea on how to do it or maybe have a different solution? I thought about approximating the landscape with the squares, but i like the other idea better so far :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you can help me :slight_smile:

I know landscape splines will deform the landscape to fit, but they may also deform themselves to fit the landscape. If so, you could use a separate spline for each square.

Thats a good idea, i read about deforming the landscape with splines, but unfortunatly not the other way around. Do you know a way of retrieving the spline of the landscape at a given point?

You can do a linetrace and find out how far away the ground is. I guess you could have some sort of voxelized mesh ( a mesh made out of smaller cubes ) and each cube scans for the landscape and adjusts accordingly… just ideas…

or this:

That was in 2018, maybe it’s fixed now.

I appreciate your ideas, thank you very much. Without you i was a bit lost :stuck_out_tongue:
I will try both ideas, the linetracing sounds kinda sweet even though it could be a lot of work…

Do you need to affect the landscape at all? You can have a cube with a material on it that makes it look like its colliding with the ground. Its cheaper than line traces and landscape deformation. Unless landscape deformation is what you wanted.

No i don’t want landscape defomation i want quite the opposite. I want to shape a plane so that it matches the landscape in the specific location. The “chessboard” shouldn’t be just flat, it could have some bumps and humps. In the end the squares wont be visible (or only the outline) but clickable, so that you can move your character to a specific spot in the terrain.

Just use multiple landscapes.
You can use the level BP to define what happens when you click a landscape.

Each landscape has components to it. you can also place a character on a specific component for instance.

Obviously you need a camera far enough away to visualize them as tiles, but I don’t see why complicate things with mimicking what you already have.

If you need to show a minimap of sorts you can probably just use a scene capture 2d from the same far away location.

So basically, make a landscape with the amount of components you want as tiles, and you can use each component as the tile to click.

Thanks for your answer, but i dont think thats what i want. The reason is, that the fights will get triggered by a triggercapsule. Then the “chessfield” will be layed out in front of the player and it gets rotated that it matches the rotation how the player walked into the fight.
If i understand you correctly, i would have to make the landscapes myself in order to use them. Because my game will be an Rpg, i would have to lay a lot of landscapes myself (NumberOfFightsx12x8 landscapes) which i then can’t rotate.