Plane skeletal mesh physics doesn't fully working.

Hello all. I am new to unreal engine and working on a simple plane simulator. I thought simulating a plane would be like a four wheeled vehicle, except plane has three wheels. So I decided to create my plane as a vehicle. I have found a plane .fbx asset from internet, a little arranged it and exported to unreal engine. It created has created the skeletal mesh and physics asset for me. I haven’t used bones in 3ds max when I edited the asset. Here is the list of objects in this plane and its hierarchy in unreal editor.

Since the plane has many parts and since I only wanted to work on how to move the plane, I have reduced it by attaching all of those parts, except the wheels, to the plane_body. I have also linked the wheels to the plane body with the Select and link tool. After these, I have exported this asset to unreal editor as an .fbx file, with the Import as skeletal option is ticked. It created me a physics asset and the skeleton. I have reset the physics asset configuration created by unreal and created my own configuration (collisions, wheels etc.). Here is the physics asset window, its configurations and simulation.

After setting the physics asset and simulate it to check everything is correct, I have jumped to the Vecihle User Guide. Created the tire assets, wheels and other things.

And here is my problem. When I hit play to test, the plane collapse into the ground, the wheels collisions don’t work, but the plane_body’s collisiın is working properly. Here is an image.

What causing this? How can I prevent it? I didn’t want to include full blueprint details in order to spare space. If you need any detail, I would really love you to ask :slight_smile:

ok lets start with the skeleton, you need a root bone/object/dummy at 0,0,0 with the orinantation of X=Forward Z=Up , all other bones/objects/dummies must be linked to the root bone.
the physics asset looks ok but you can make it out of 2 boxes , 1 for the body and 1 for the wings.
the rest is just tweaking the values of the blueprint

Thank you very much! I will do it.