Planar Reflections (VR & "infinity")


First of all thanks for latest Planar Reflection VR-update!

I recorded video about Planar Reflection issue:

  • There’s bug when rendering planar reflections in VR. (Edges of planar reflection goes stretched)
  • If there’s two (or more) mirrors face to face ue can’t render opposite mirror reflection. (i think this feature worked before VR-update)

Any news about this issue?

If there’s anyone who can write custom code to fix these bugs, i’m ready to pay for it.

Hey Player,

If you’d like to report a bug with VR, I’d suggest going to and submitting a bug report there. That way a technician will see it and be able to further assist with the issue. This forum is for giving feedback on the engine, making suggestions for future improvements or letting us know if we did something well.

Let me know if that helps!