Planar reflections fail to use occlusion culling

Minimal project attached that show how planar reflections fails to use occlusion culling. This usually occur when you have large reflection body(eg. water). I managed to track the bug to code line where SceneOcclusion.cpp(line 498) test is occlusion bound test allowed.

if (View.bHasNearClippingPlane)
	bAllowBoundsTest = View.NearClippingPlane.PlaneDot(OcclusionBounds.Origin) < -(FVector::BoxPushOut(View.NearClippingPlane, OcclusionBounds.BoxExtent));


Hi Kalle,

Thanks for the report. I’ve submitted ticket UE-37882 for this issue.

When I was doing this I used the Stats Initviews to check the counters for the scene visibility and noticed that the counters seemed to indicate the opposite of what was visibly happening in the scene when comparing the FreezeRendering commands results. Hopefully, we can get this sorted out soon.



What happened with this one. Ticket did get closed with wont fix. Issue still persist.