Plain and Simple Explanation - Distributing a Product on the Marketplace that includes Paid Content

I’ve read the Marketplace Distribution Agreement and EULA (as well as various articles and posts) regarding this topic and I’m still confused. The general commentary around using “Paid Content” (purchased from the marketplace) in a product that is then also sold on the marketplace is pretty much that there are few restrictions, but the MDA and EULA don’t appear to support that view.

Here’s the issue. Assume I buy a product on the marketplace e.g. a tool that has blueprints and textures for making landscapes. Using that tool I make a nice landscape and decide to distribute it on the marketplace. The landscape is standalone but needs the tool to display correctly. One reading of the MDA and EULA this is allowed providing my landscape is unique and the tool is just a component. Another reading suggests this is not allowed because the tool is “Paid Content” in object form.

As a matter of common sense, it seemed to me that I would in fact breach the EULA because I am in effect distributing the tool with my landscape, so other developers could then use the tool without having to purchase it through the marketplace. This would mean using any “Paid Content” to make end products distributable through the marketplace is at best risky and at worst not feasible because the answer could only then be, if the product doesn’t work without including the “Paid Content”, then it should not be distributed on the marketplace - extreme but simple.

I don’t want to break the rules. I just don’t want to spend hours and hours making stuff using “Paid Content” from the marketplace only to find that I cannot distribute it on the marketplace because other developers can then use the “Paid Content” in some form or another.

Does anyone know (I mean really 100% know) the answer to this question. What can I do with “Paid Content” when it comes to making products for sale on the marketplace. Oh, please don’t just say goes to the marketplace tab - been there, done that : )