Placing trees far away causes all trees to disappear

Placing foliage actor trees at one spot (within reasonable world bounds), and then another spot far away, causes all trees to disappear(even though they are still there in references.) It does this even when trying different meshes. All it takes is for two trees to be very far away from each other for this to happen, they don’t even have any Blueprints attached. They disappear completely when the gameplay is started, although sometimes they appear in the editor depending where the camera is.
I also tried placing them both on landscape and on top of meshes, and this problem still occurs. The problem does not occur if I just place meshes themselves outside of a foliage actor.

Does anyone know why this is or how to fix it? 4.22.1 Linux

I figured out that the cull distance Volume(which I have over the entire level) is causing it, however I don’t know why, if anyone has some insight I’d be grateful, thanks.

I figured out that having more than one cull distance volume seems to help with this problem but I’m still not sure why its happening when only using 1 cull volume for the entire level vs multiple cull volumes.

usually when i have this problem and i dont want it to cull… i just go into the mesh and give it only 1 LOD (0) so it remains the same at all times… but of course that will slow down the fps, but i only do cinematics so thats not really a problem for me… it depends on your needs…