Placing Spectator?

I have a simple spectator mode which assigns a ASpectator pawn to the player controller. The problem is that when the pawn spawns into the game, it’s always at location (0,0,0). Every attempt at moving the placement of the spectator is being ignored. The spectator works otherwise. It just starts out at 0. The pawn is a blueprint assigned to ASpectator as the parent and the physic collisions is set to spectate. What’s the trick to setting the initial spectator location?

I think I saw something in playercameramanager for this the other day. Have a check in there?

I fixed part of the problem. I created a derived class to ASpectator which sets the location when its Restart() is called. But now there’s a new problem. When a player goes spectator after being on a team, the spectator no longer has any movement control. It seems the key bindings get lost when going spectator. What happened to the key bindings?