Placing fbx imports in same location

So I have a huge model I am exporting as fbx files from rhino. Since the model is so big, I had to separate it into many fbx’s, the problem is that now when I drag and drop it in the scene, if I drag them all together it crashes, and if I drag one by one they all appear in random locations. is there a way to insert them all in the right location?

When you export a model, its origin will be at [0,0,0] of the modeling software you’re using. That’s why it may seem that your meshes appear at random locations; in fact, they are placed exactly where they were in your modeling software, relative to [0,0,0].

If you’re building a large scene that will be as it is, you can use this feature to perfectly align all the meshes in your scene, but you’ll need to place all the meshes in the same point of origin in your level.

If you want your meshes to be really separate, you need to place them to [0,0,0] in your modeling software before exporting them. Alternatively, you can use the Modeling Tools Editor Mode plugin (already built-in) to reset the mesh origin after importing it.