Placing Actors on a certain Location when dragged from content browser?

So i’m working on a 2d Platformer game with tilemaps, and i find it extremely tedious when i have certain actors that aren’t part of the tile map, (i.e enemies, pickup, interactable objects in general, some copied for easier placement some are not copies and just placed far away and would just be a pain to zoom all the way out just to copy something and drag all the way across the map.) when i place them i have to manually adjust their location in the world to get aligned with the ground. So what i was wondering was if there was a way to constrain them to a certain location on the y-axis when i drag them into my scenes so that no matter where they collide with on the tilemap or world they always snap to that value. so i don’t have to manually do it every time i bring in a new actor. its not that big of a deal, i know i’m just lazy and i feel like it would improve my workflow on my game. I have a kind of work around right now where i have adjusted the snapping of the grid to match my tilemap size but every now and then i accidentally hit a foreground object or background object and i have to go in and adjust it. once again i’m kinda lazy so i was just wondering if there was a better way to go about that, so it ALWAYS goes to that value no matter where i try to drag it in the world from the content browser

Thanks to anyone who can help :slight_smile:

Golden rule is ‘place them ON something’, then they don’t fly off to all corners of the map.

So when you drag something in, position it over another object, even if it’s not really where you want put it. Then move it from there to it’s final location.

Also make sure you know about using the End key. It will put something on the floor if it’s above it.