I find myself lurking in the Content Browser too much. I have a deep folder hierarchy (Content/Game/Level/StaticMeshes/Rocks/Rock01/SM_Rock01.fbx)

I would like to have shortcuts to either travel to folders faster by saving Content Browser Locations on a key or
having the ability to set specific Blueprints/Objects onto a key:

Press CTRL+1 while hovering over Rock01 to save Rock01 onto the Key 1
Hover the mouse over a location in the Map.
Press 1 to place Rock01 instantly.

This is faster than Copy&Paste(no searching for the object) and I have a default object.

I think more easy way just make your own placement plugin (c++) with your hardcoded keybinding on your chosen platform’s keyboard (Windows/Linux/MacOS). 10 lines of code.

You can use collections in the content browser to select/tag commonly used assets. An asset can be in multiple collections at once, so e.g., you could place Rock01 in Rocks, Biome_Hardscrable, and LocalFavorites collections. Collections also work for search/filtering as well, so if you had a mesh called Boulder in a collection named Rocks, typing Rock B in the Ctrl+P menu will find it.

Michael Noland