Placement and Instancing houses when using Datasmith. Pivots not at zero causing issues

I am a bit of a noob so forgive me if the terminology is a little odd :slight_smile:
We have house models we are importing into Unreal via Datasmith. They get placed in the scene on import as they should
If one got deleted and I try to put the meshes in the scene they end up asa jumbled mesh in the wrong locations.
This is also affecting the workflow for trying to make these instances via the Actor Instance Blueprint setup, when I drag the meshes into the blueprint window they become a mess as well.
I know I could go back and export the meshes again by putting the house at zero in max and setting all the pivots to zero, but is there a method the doesn’t require doing this in both cases?
The point of Datasmith was not to have to set up all the pivots on the submeshes, but it only seems to work with the first import into a scene.
Hopefully I am missing something due to being a noob :slight_smile:

I’m taking a guess that you want to modify the scene-placed mesh by Datasmith. You are probably modifying the hierarchy of the scene components which causes the pivot transforms to change. This is normal behaviour, please study this to work out how to achieve your goal.

If you want to create blueprints from your instanced mesh; consider creating a blueprint with the mesh object inside, then replace the the scene-placed instances with your blueprint which inherits the transform. Your workflow depends on if you expect to re-import your Datasmith assets. If so, consider another approach that can dynamically replace objects on construct, or use a script that does it for you on each re-import.

Also remember that your blueprint can dynamically reference a scene-placed mesh. For example use GetAllActorsOfClass

Thank you so much, that helped a lot in me getting it too work