Placeholder Class replacement - How to rollback?

After reorganizing my project`s folders by moving them inside the editor only and reopening it, some Blueprint classes had lots of class reference variables replaced by a PLACEHOLDER prefix class.


The OLD suffix is part of the SF_BaseSlotWeaponOLD class name

Id like to know if theres a correct rollback operation for this or, at least, some way to do a makeshift for this not by refactoring all the code and saving me at least 1 hour (or even more), afraid of this happening again when reloading my project next time.

This is a known issue that Epic has marked as fixed.

*Reopening the project does not fix it.

*Even after reverting to a previous revision in SVN(and I believe I did it correctly), the replacing persists.

Any suggests?

Well, could turnaround this situation by rolling back the version to an older one and reverting it with the source control. Of course I`ve lost some progress :c

Seems like the generated 2ko files were screwed after moving the folders. Never doing it again…