Placed actor doesn't activate, when running dedicated server 4.24.2

I have a strange issue with my project, when running dedicated server. I have a MobSpawner class, which -surprise- spawns mobs in the level. I have several of these placed in the world, they all spawn different classes of AI mobs in different numbers and with different respawn time. It was working fine until now, so i must have messed something up, but i can’t figure out what. When i start the game, the closest MobSpawner works normally, but all the far ones don’t spawn anything. If i move the PlayerStart close to another one, then that works fine, but not the others. I guess it doesn’t activate because there are no players around, but i want to control it, however i’m not sure how. I tried to increase Net Cull Distance, set it always relevant, that doesn’t help. Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Are the actors (Mob Class) that you’re spawning, Replicated? I would turn off dedicated server and play with 2 players - one as the listen server and the other as a client. Then take a look and see if they’re spawning on the server but just not appearing to connected clients.